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On finishing the Shifter series by Rachel Vincent


So I was going to cover these book separately, over a longer period of time, as and when I finished each installment.

However, I just checked my Goodreads, and I started Stray on 18th July..

I finished book #6, Alpha, today (26th July)

That’s right. I binge read this series. And I’m not ashamed to admit it!

What did I love about this series?

MC – Faythe was a GREAT protagonist. Sometimes she made me want to pull my hair out but most of the time I felt like she was very much a young woman that I could identify with. She wants a shot at a life of her choosing before settling into something more ‘parent approved’. The way she challenges her expected role within the pride and werecat society at large, was encouraging and heartening too. I get so frustrated when a female protagonist is happy to play the part of poor, defenceless flower. Equally, I admire how Faythe knows her limitations (most of the time!) and isn’t afraid to ask her fellow ‘toms’ for hand now and then. She’s not perfect. But who is?


Marc – Love him. Why couldn’t Faythe?! GODDAMN IT! It took six books to reach a conclusion between these two that I could accept. And I suppose that’s the goal of a good series eh?

Father/Daughter relationship – I so got this. My dad is, and always will be, my hero. But there is always going to be those shaky moments where you realise that he’s only human after all, or those times where his disappointment in you breaks your heart. Or.. the inevitable happens.. because most children will outlive their parents. And that’s a lot to have to come to terms with! Especially for a woman emerging as an adult proper, you know? Yeah, I was totally digging their relationship. It was real. Claws and whiskers aside 😉

The Supernatural – I really appreciated how this wasn’t the main focus. I mean, yeah, it was. But what I mean is that it wasn’t a problem in the obvious sense. There was no BIG REVEAL SHOCK HORROR SHE’S NOT HUMAN chapter(s) which ushers in the WE’RE NOT THE SAME SPECIES BUT I LOVE YOU chapter(s). It was nice to have an absence of the overused. True? Also, werecats! This was such a fun and relatively unexplored facet of shifter supes, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

THE FEELS – For those of you that haven’t really read many of my posts, let me tell you now, I don’t cry when I read books. Or watch films, for that matter. Bambi’s mother can suck it! xD ..seriously though, if I was of the watery persuasion, this series would have made me cry like a baby! I don’t want to give anything away.. but let’s just say, I was seriously moved, on more than one occasion.

A good end – I’m not sure this acutally exists because I’m always left feeling like I need more. I finished this series and was like ‘Ok, so now let’s have the next three books, yeah?’ Because it truly is a series that could keep going. Effortlessly. But the last pages of Alpha everything tied up nicely. I can say I was satisfied, but still hungry for me! (You hear me Ms Vincent?!)

-A random aside- I did notice that Faythe did a lot of ‘fingercombing’ her hair. Does that girl not own a hairbrush? Jeez. :p


I really wasn’t expecting to be so enamoured with these books. I was ready for a good read. Something that I would enjoy, but not be too fussed about. This series had me- it sunk its claws in and didn’t let go. It’s safe to say that I was obsessed. Sleep was no longer an option!

The worst part is.. I feel a little bereft. Like.. what now?

Has anyone else read these? What did you think?



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