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On completing the Sookie Stackhouse series



Potential spoiler alert- But y’all have read this by now, right?


I’ve been putting off finishing this series for a while now. I purchased both ‘Deadlocked’ and ‘Dead Ever After’ when the hardback came out of the latter last May. But there’s something about reading the Bon Temps crew that feels better in the Summer. Aaand, last Summer was quite busy! What with prepping for my dissertation at uni etc.

So, finally, I got around to it.

‘Deadlocked’ (#12) was a good ‘un. There were some parts that made me think ‘ooh err, how’s that gonna come right again?’ but I wasn’t too worried because that’s what the last book was for, right? To tie up all the loose ends.

Let me just say I am well aware of the backlash Charlaine Harris received for the final instalment of this series. So let me also add that I think she’s such an accomplished and inspirational author- to keep a series (multiple series’ in fact) going for so long, that takes series skill and talent!

‘Dead Ever After’ disappointed me. 

That’s all I felt after I read the last page. Sever disappointment and dissatisfaction. It’s maddening because I can understand why Sookie ended up with who she did- but I felt it was handled in very rushed and clumsy way. There was something really odd about the last couple of chapters, the writing style changed, or at least felt different.

Sure, Sookie’s stories are no strangers to a little dirt and edginess.. But.. I felt blind sided by the sudden ‘dick shaft hole harder condom’ business. Wha? Where did that come from? I’m no prude! I love me some all-out sex in a book, but the language was totally off compared to what had come before it (and the book before it, even).

Who do I think Sookie should have had her HEA with? Well, there are a number of options.

Eric – Didn’t we all want this? Again, I actually understood why this just couldn’t happen, but I was still harbouring a cute fantasy about Eric throwing out that interloper Freyda and giving Sook a great white wedding (in the dark) in the back yard… Too much? Well.. a girl can dream.

Bill freakin’ Compton – This was logical. Right? Water under the bridge and all that jazz. And what happened to him anyway? Suddenly he’s a non-point in Sookie’s life. He’s just the photosensitive neighbour that nobody mentions anymore.

Alcide Herveaux – Totally down with this ‘ship right here. Let’s set sail on it!

Quinn – There’s no reason why this didn’t happen.. None. *shrugs*

Both Quinn and Alcide solve that little problem of ‘loving the light’ and blasts away the ‘I’m gonna grow old and die and you’ll stay the same’ issue.

Hoi. I dunno. I just wanted some big fireworks. Some great massive declaration of love…

Instead we get two people ‘settling’ for each other because the other options aren’t worth the risk. It’s safe. It’s sweet. And sure, it’s sexy… But just left me feeling really annoyed… Even though, really, I get it! I get it! Doesn’t mean I have to like it…

So yeah, anyone else finished this series yet? Had similar grumbles?




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6 thoughts on “On completing the Sookie Stackhouse series

  1. These books are/ were one of my guilty pleasures but I just thought they got worse as the series went on. They started out as quite a clever sort of satire about treatment of minority groups in America as well as the fun vampire stuff etc but then seemed to forget about that and just introduced more and more supernatural beings and crazy plots. I read them anyway because they are easy and fun. I totally agree, XXX is the ONE person she shouldn’t have ended up with. A let down!

    1. For sure! I felt that the penultimate book, as far as the plot went, was pretty ridiculous, much like playing that board game ‘cluedo’ – Colonel Mustard, in the Kitchen, with the Candlestick…

      And I think you’re right.. the series did seem to lose sight of its original intentions. I guess it can be quite difficult to maintain the same momentum and motivation for X many years..

      Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

  2. I’ve never read the books, but I used to watch the TV show. True Blood was interesting at first, but it slowly became more and more inconsistent! Sounds like the books aren’t too much different in that regard.

    1. Mmm hmm. I hear ya about the TV series.. I’m currently part way into season 6 (I think?) and I really couldn’t tell you how we got to this point.. LOLS!

      Still.. As long as they keep putting my favourite supes on the screen, I can’t complain much! xD

  3. It was curious how all of a sudden Sookie ended up with you-know-who and zero spark.

    I read the book when it came out and am currently avoiding rereading the series for fear that I will see the earlier books in a whole different light and get rid of them all!

    1. I often feel like that about a lot of series’ when I finish them because some things you can’t keep out of your head when you re-read, you know? It’s like watching the Sixth Sense.. Once you know the ending.. xD

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