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Daughter of Smoke and Bone (trilogy) by Laini Taylor


When I finally took the first book, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, out of my book case, I was like ‘I’ll read it leisurely and then do a nice little blog post to say that I finally read it.’

But whoa. Hold up. Stop press!

That book rocked my actual world. And I was unstoppable! I quickly bought book 2 and 3 and disappeared into it. Literally.

What did it for me?

Karou – As a protagonist she’s that wonderful mixture of real and totally kick ass crazy. The kind of girl you want as your best friend. Fierce, but still feminine. And that’s always important to me. There’s nothing wrong in being a girl, through and through, as long as you’re a girl with standards. I love her.

Brimstone – Oh deary me, did I cry? No. Because books never make me cry.. BUT! If I were a blubberer then this character would have made me sob! Such a compelling dude.

World Building/Lore – wasn’t too fussy about the teeny weeny details that don’t matter. I mean, for one, how does the resurrectionist make a body exactly? Does it go ‘poof! TA Da!’ ? But it doesn’t matter. I was so invested in the moment and the action that some of the smaller workings weren’t important. Which leads me on to-

Narrative Style – This is indeed one of those books that, as a writer, makes you full of glee and envy in equal parts. Laini Taylor has a way with words that makes me feel sick with jealousy! But it’s such a goddamn joy to read.

Was there anything that didn’t work for me?

Madrigel – Not the character, specifically, but the parts in the narrative that were from her perspective. I was far to interested in what was happening with Karou and Akiva that I found these moments jarring. And I struggled to give a damn. That’s not to say that it wasn’t just as beautifully written, I just found it hard to find the same emotional connection. I felt the same about Eliza in the last book too.

Akiva – Wait. Just wait! I loved Akiva. I felt all that heat coming off him (literally). But sometimes he made me want to slam the book about his head, especially at the end. This is one of those books that ends and then keeps going.. and I really, REALLY wanted that scene in the baths to happen.. Idiot boys.


As a trilogy this was a an absolute dream. I think, I have to say, the second book was my favourite. The dynamic between Karou and the White Wolf was particularly engaging and I thought how that came to a head was handled with finesse.

This is how I rated them individually on Goodreads:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone 4/5

Days of Blood and Starlight 5/5

Dreams of Gods and Monsters 4.5/5


I would recommend this serious to anyone that enjoys punchy, witty, emotional rollercoasters with that added edge of fantastical aswesomesauce. It made me shiver, it made me laugh, it made me want to cry. And most importantly, it had be rushing into bed at night so I could read it!

The problem now is.. what next? How can another book follow that? 😮



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