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Shh… I’m sleeping until results day!

It’s been a crazy few weeks..

3 family birthdays.

We had a visiting writer event at university.

Did some last minute shopping before May Ball (because we all wanted to be BEAUTIFUL! GOT IT?)

Went to see The Tempest on campus – it was pretty darn good. A little nu-wavey. With incense.. Set my asthma off. But great acting!

May Ball – Cue scary hair! I unwittingly wore an outfit that made me look like Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show..


MAD DASH TO FINISH FINAL ASSESSMENTS! I am officially abstaining from the poetry of Hughes, Plath and Heaney for at least six months of so.. :/

Leaver’s Dinner – We had two lecturers on our table. It was great fun! Naturally, as Creative Writing students we wrote a poem to be read out by the Master of Ceremonies (a deconstructed version of ‘Shall I compare thee…’) A lot of Prosecco. A lot of fun! (but too many people throwing up in the foliage though.. no wonder it grows like a jungle! It’s over fertilized!)


Bath – I went to Bath for a few days with my mum

Final hand-in Friday – It’s all done. Degree. Finished! I feel like I need to climb under a rock or something with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign until results day in July. *bites fingernails* I can’t worry if I’m asleep, true?


So that is what’s been occurring! I’ve also had some small successes with my own writing- received a couple of accepted submission letters. Yay!

The downside to all this craziness- I’ve had barely a moment to myself, which means no reading has been done lately. Sad times. I’m getting back on it!

How are y’all doing? -x-



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

One thought on “Shh… I’m sleeping until results day!

  1. Congratulations on the submission front, that’s great news! Now you can contentedly hibernate until results day *crosses fingers*

    Also I have to correct your description of your hair as scary. Big hair is many things; hawt, sultry, ooh-la-laa, but not scary, never scary 😀

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