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Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who Grind My Gears!!

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I haven’t done one of these in a while, so this should be fun! As usual, TTT is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Characters Who Grind My Gears!


1. Gandalf – Yep. I’m going there. Not so much the books (it’s been a while though) but having recently seen The Hobbits’ (plural) and rewatched Lord of the Rings.. there are so many moments where Gandalf could have been really useful with that magic staff of his.. But naw.

I think what gets me the most is when he says things like ‘you continue on through that dark and dangerous wood, I have a pointless errand to run. I’ll meet you on the other side.’

Wait.. there’s another way around? Oh wait. Sure. If you’re a Gandalf. Rules need not apply.

I suppose without Gandalf there would be no ‘wise’ one-liners..

This guy however, kills it! (King Thranduil):


2. Bella Swan – You knew this would be here, right? I didn’t really like her in the books, and it was only made worse in the films. Book Bella makes a little more sense (because in my imagination she had facial expressions surpassing ‘mildly confused/shocked’) but she’s such a terrible role model for angst ridden teens. Yeah sure, feel suicidal because your sparkly boyfriend broke up with you.. but damn. Maybe I have more faith in teens today.. they’ll get over it! Bella just doesn’t. And she doesn’t even try to be her own person.


3. Ginny Weasely – No, not because she’s ginger. It’s because she’s a prat. And I’ll always be weirded out by the Harry/Ginny ship. Should have left her in the Chamber of Secrets. :/

I think it’s more because she can do SO much better..


4. Desdamona (Othello) – I know, I know. Different place, different time. But for all her husband’s faults.. she’s so clueless. Like she could skip across to a different country with her new, socially unacceptable, husband and all will be fine and dandy? Nothing could EVER go wrong as long as you love him, right? I always feel like she ‘knows’ something bad is about to go down, but chooses to ignore it. Why, why why.


5. Felicia (Felicia’s Journey, William Trevor) – This girl is an idiot from the off. Because it’s always a sond plan to get on a boat to England when your questionable soldier beau knocks you up.. Just wonder around the Midlands (or where ever it was..?) and hope for the best, eh? She had a lucky escape. For sure.


6. Louis de Pointe du Lac (Interview With the Vampire, Anne Rice) – ‘Louis, Louis, Louis.. Still whining Louis!’ And that’s his general stance for the whole book. GREAT book. But after a few hundred pages, I was craving Lestat’s va-va-voom (I read those books in the wrong order..) Come one! You’re a vampire! It’s FUN! 😀


7. Lissa (Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead) – Such a bore. So many an eye-roll to be had while reading that series because Lissa is such a stiff! I think, rather awkwardly, she’s described in a way that reminds me of someone I went to school with.. whom I didn’t have a particular bond.. So each time she spoke I could feel a ‘blah blah blah’ creeping into my brain.


8. Jane Austen – Not a character.. but she so often puts across her own opinions in the narrative, she might as well be. It annoys me. It’s not clever. It’s pretentious. And did I mention annoying? (That’s not to say I don’t enjoy an Austen novel.. but there are moments when I want to slam it into my forehead)


9. Catelyn (Game of Thrones) – Wow. Total page-skipper material. I wanted to care.. but put her chapters between Tyrion and Daenerys? Yeah. Talk about ‘pale in comparison’.


10. I’m all annoyed out! Can you help me fill the last spot?





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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who Grind My Gears!!

  1. Gah! Put on the spot! The only character I can think of that really grinds my gears is Susan from the Chronicles of Narnia. Both the book and film character, and I grew up on those books. She’s pessimistic, rude, unbelieving, belittling, etc, etc, etc. She has only a few redeeming moments, but nowhere near enough to make her a truly likable character. She’d go on my Top Ten List of characters that annoy.

    Great post! Thanks!

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