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Review: Hold On (Alexa Reed #2) by Hilary Wynne

Hold On - FINAL reveal

Hold On by Hilary Wynne (Expected April 2014)

This was an exciting moment for me.. to be given the chance to be among the first people to read this book.. and after how much I loved the first, Stay (click for review!), I was stoked to be back with Lexie, and the shoes, and the Julian (yep ‘the’ Julian, because there’s no other like him!) so soon.

What did I think?

Alexa – It’s difficult. It’s like when you’re watching a gameshow and as an onlooker you’re screaming at the telly, unbelieving that the contestant can be so rash! But for the contestant, the stress of the situation, the self-doubt, the adrenaline; it has you make quick and (in hindsight) ridiculous decisions. I think this is how it was for me watching Alexa handle that car crash of a situation and make it ten times worse.

I don’t want to give anything away but all she had to do was maybe have a little more patience (just a little) And THEN make a crazy decision or two.

And for those of you of my generation who were plagued by re-runs of Friends.. there were parts where ‘we were on a break!’ seemed applicable.

Julian – The way HIS reaction at the end was handled was absolutely spot on. I admire the author’s handling of their relationship in general (see below) but most of all it was when Julian came back to her and he didn’t just jump straight back in. No forgive and forget. It was real. It was heartbreaking. And it was so wonderful in that showed Julian to be as vulnerable and as emotionally breakable as she is. She hurt him. And I’m glad to see that it left something of a scar.

The relationship – Alexa and Julian were meant to be together. It feels right. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t, and won’t. go through the usual motions of ups and downs. And the downs don’t have to be anything life changing, it’s the little things, the more trivial things that really get people worked up in a relationship, and I love the fact that these two have their fair share of seemingly petty disagreements. It’s refreshingly normal. But that’s not to say that they’re without their big blow ups too!

I enjoyed the heck out of this book. The characters develop in interesting ways, especially Julian. He was a dream guy for me in Stay, but here he becomes so much more, because he shows how real he is. And for Alexa? It was good to see her move forward with her issues too, even if it meant having to backtrack one massive step first.

And oh, the shoes. I’m so glad the shoes still take pride of place within these pages. 😉

There’s so many moments that I loved in this book, and I especially enjoyed the changes of setting. We see more of Lexie’s workplace, and then there’s the little holiday getaway, Lexie’s family home.. As well as the usual haunts; the club/hotel, Julian’s place, Lexie’s apartment. Yeah! Digging the changes in scenery for sure!

A very healthy 4.5/5. It left me aching to read on. I need to know that eventually Julian and Alexa have the beautiful beach wedding I have imagined for them in my head! HA! I love being the pusher wedding planner.. xD

Clicky here to also read the fab interview with Hilary!



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