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What the heck… is in my top drawer?


The other day someone picked up my handbag and said ‘what the heck have you got in here?’ and I thought that would make a fun blog post. It’s not necessarily very bookish, but it’s part of what makes me feel like a functioning human being. So, I’m not starting with my handbag and really, no one wants to see into that dark abyss. But let’s start with my top drawer in the bathroom:
20140313_2035201. The gold square at the top? My most recent purchase – Theirry Mugler ‘Alien Essence’ body balm. I love the new scent, but I have far too many bottles of perfume on the go, so I opted for something a little different. It’s great after a bath.

2. Small box just in front of the Mugler – That would be two Chanel ‘rouge allure velvet’ lipsticks. One in red, another in a pinky shade. I haven’t found anything better for staying power and maintaining the condition of my lips. Kissable! Mwah!

3. Come down again, you can see the top of a green bottle – L’Occitane verbena hand cream. I alternate between that and Soap&Glory’s ‘hand food’.

4. The precious white and black box – Chanel No.5. Heaven.

5. The pink bag – An orchid gift set I got for free at L’Occitane for spending a certain amount. The perfume is gorgeous! But I can’t wear too much because my asthma doesn’t like it.

6. My rings in the right hand corner – I wear these two everyday.

7. Soap&glory bag underneath rings – Where I keep my day-to-day earrings. Sets from New Look, Acessorize etc.

8. the Carpe Dium book! – This was so sweet. I saw it when I was book shopping and knew I needed it. You can write all your goals, short term and long term, and also put down your achievements. I don’t use it much, but it’s nice to have a looksee now and then to keep me on the right track!

9. Blue packet – ‘Simple’ oil balancing facial wipes. I love products from Simple for my face, my skin loves it. I also have the moisturiser. 

10. In the gap in the middle I keep a (very hairy…oops) hairbrush, headscarf, bandanas, scissors, hair grips and ties, and other hair related rubbish. There’s a bottle of Diesel Loverdose Tattoo hidden under there too. And a pen. Always a pen.

And hey! There is a bookish twist to this one. Here’s what’s living on top of the drawer:


What do you keep in your top drawer? 😀




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6 thoughts on “What the heck… is in my top drawer?

  1. My answer would be nothing, because the bathroom at home doesn’t have any drawers. All my ‘female stuff’ is in cosmetics/make-up bags, usually lying around on top of the washing machine, and half the things are always out of the bag. Annoys my parents to no end.:) I’m kind of a slob like that.
    On the other hand, I’m obsessive about getting all my hair out of my brush because it gets greasy far too easily as it is.
    And yes, it’s better not to talk about the black hole that is the inside of my purse either. Things forever get lost in there. 🙂

    1. They do, don’t they? Every bag is a Mary Poppins bag.. I put something inside it and won’t find it again for a month!


      Yeah.. If I’m really honest, that draw is only the tip of the iceberg where cosmetics and bath stuff and other girly things are concerned…

    1. Oh thanks! I’ve had the rings for so long now.. I feel so naked without them on!

      I’m only a short way through ‘Paris’ and it’s good so far. Quite hefty, but I feel like it’s the sort of read you can pick up and put down as you like, you know?

  2. This was awesome, such a random and interesting look at your life. I have no top drawers. At all! I don’t own a dresser, and my nightstand is shelves. My bathroom just has a cabinet. So there you go — no top drawer.

    1. No top drawer? Your life is incomplete xD

      Thanks a bundle for coming by and having a look around 🙂

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