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BRB! Writer’s Retreat in Cornwall



Last year I signed up to go on the ‘Writer’s Retreat’ as part of my course. We stayed for a few days in Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall, and it was fabulous! (FYI, me and my friend staged the above photo. We thought we could use them at some point to look like hardworking, tortured soul writers. Also, I’ve had quite the hair cut since! Look how long that is!)

Aaand we’re going back again this year. It usually runs every other year, but we came back with such positive feedback and begged to go again, and HUZZAH! We’re all signed up, paid up, and ready to go.

Leaving tomorrow we’ll spend a few nights in a youth hostel where the tide literally comes in against the back wall. AWESOME!

My camera was being an ass last time, but I hope it behaves itself next week so I have more to show for my trip than some random scribblings and a melodramatic posed photo. Ha!

I’ll be back next weekend. I have some really cool stuff scheduled to go live while I’m away so don’t leave me! I’ll have no mobile signal, no internet, NO TELEVISION! But I look forward to catching up with everyone next weekend.

*invisible oars*




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6 thoughts on “BRB! Writer’s Retreat in Cornwall

    1. It was with my university, but I know there are organisations that do similar trips in similar settings. Good ol’ google will point you in the right direction, just type in ‘writer’s retreat’ or ‘writing holiday’ and POW! Creative bliss at your fingertips. 🙂

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