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Review: Circle of Death by Keri Arthur


Circle of Death (Damask Circle 2) by Keri Arthur.

Re-released February 25th by Dell.

Received as an ARC from the publisher.

“In one vicious night, Kirby Brown’s world is torn apart. Her best friend is dead, killed by a madman who is now after Kirby, and she has no idea why. When the police prove incapable of protecting Kirby, she has no choice but to trust a mysterious stranger. And while she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, she fears the strange abilities he wields.”


Just so you know, you don’t need to read these in order, at least I don’t think you do. I’ve read 1 and 2 now and they are both standalone books within a series. So the world is the same (the Damask Circle is an organisation that the ‘supes’ all seem to work for) and there are some minor characters that crossover (Seline, in this case), but the main characters are different in each book.

I enjoyed Circle of Fire. I LOVED Circle of Death. Here’s the reasons why:

  • Kirby – I found Kirby a stronger female figure in this book, if you’re gonna compare her with Madeline from the previous book. Kirby is flighty, but with reason, and her hesitations towards the ‘insta-attract’ to Doyle are palpable, and encouraging too. I hate a character that just goes with it, like, ‘woo! I’ve known you for five minutes, let’s bump uglies.’
  • Doyle – Again, if you compare him to the last guy, there’s no contest! A badass shifter (panther beats bird any time) His assured sexiness was again more believable and I so wanted to go there.
  • Plot – Now HERE is a plot that got me excited. Sometimes the plot in paranormal type storyline feels like a weak add-on, but not here. I was engaged by it as much as the character interactions and development.
  • Sexy time! – I enjoyed these moments. Need I say more? 😉

And what didn’t I love?

  • Shifting – I had this issue with the last book, I think it would be much more authentic if they lost their clothes and everything when these guys and gals ‘whist’ into whatever beastie. It’s just silver that won’t transform with them… And the excuse of ‘meh, it’s magic’ just doesn’t do it for me. They need to be naked.
  • Alpha vs Omega – I dunno, I just feel like we need a powerhouse alpha FEMALE to step at some point, and the villains don’t count! I love a big, strong, brooding man as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean ‘protect and dominate’ the chicks. Kirby came pretty close to being a badass… But she had to be carried around in his arms too many times, for my liking.
  • Repetition – There were some places where Kirby described something as Madeline might have.. An easy slip, but I noticed it and it niggled at me.

There’s not a lot that I didn’t like about Circle of Death, it’s a definitely leap forward from its predecessor.

I’m giving this book a happy, healthy 2:1 for its strong, engaging narrative. Looking forward to reading Circle of Desire very much!



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