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Top Ten Swoony Tuesday – Books That Make My Heart Flutter

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Top Ten Books That Make Me Swoon

Ok, so this is a difficult one. Books can make me swoony for different reasons. Sometimes it’s that gooey, fuzzy wuzzy feeling of love love LOVE. And other times it’s the steamy hawtness that makes my knees go weak.

1. Jane Eyre (C Bronte) – How can you not swoon over that slow burning, gently smouldering tension going on between Jane and Rochester? I’m enraptured every time.

2. Vampire Academy (R Mead) – Yeah, yeah. It’s a bit of a given on most lists that I make. But there’s something electric that happens as Rose and Dimitri’s relationship grows. *gets all swoony just thinking about it*

3. Black Dagger Brotherhood series (J R Ward) – Each one of these books have made me hot under the collar. Nothing beats Wrath and Beth, but the Warden delivers an impressive amount of swoon-worthy content each and every time.

4. Fruits Basket series (N Takaya) – For a large part of my late teens I obsessed over the growing relationships, with all characters, in these books. Tohru and Kyo top the list but Hatori’s side story makes me want to cry every time… And swoon. Always with the swoony-ness.

5. Dark Swan series (R Mead) – Dorian! AH! I love him. *gets smooshy feelings just thinking about him*

6. Study series (M V Snyder) – Again, we have another kick-ass couple in Yelena and Valek. So much love for those two.

7. Loveless (Y Kouga) – Another manga series, but I was instantly enveloped in the ‘will they/won’t they’ struggle between Ritsuka and Soubi, or more ‘what IS their relationship?’ – I knew what I wanted it to be..

8. Sookie Stackhouse series (C Harris) – I have a strange taste in what makes me swoon.. vampires, demons, beheadings, oh my! Eric makes me swoon. Time and time again.

9. The Vampire Armand (A Rice) – This book made me fall.. hard! It was one of the first I read in the ‘paranormal’ or ‘horror/dark fantasy’ kind of genre. And I was hooked ever after. The dynamics between Marius and his Amadeo.. I could revisit it again and again.

10. The Other Boleyn Girl (P Gregory) – I wanted to include this book because it was another one that introduced me to a certain kind of genre. My first ‘real’ exploration into historical fiction, and I was surprised how easily I found myself swooning like a pro along with the main characters.

How I feel when I’ve pulled an all nighter to read these books:





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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Swoony Tuesday – Books That Make My Heart Flutter

    1. Indeed! One of those authors that I keep meaning to have a shot at, but never do.. *le sigh* so many books.. so little time!!

      Thank you for your thoughts! 🙂

    1. Oooh! I’ve only heard of that book in passing.. one of my friends rates it highly. It’s now firmly on my tbr list. Thanks! 😀

    1. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews regarding the Dark Swan series, but VA aside it’s my favourite by Richelle Mead.

      Thankies muchly for stopping by!! 😀

    1. That’s great! The anime is a little short.. but it’s still pretty good. Gorgeous artwork in both anime and manga!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by sweets!

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