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Review – Witch Interrupted by Jody Wallace

witchWitch Interrupted by Jody Wallace (ARC – expected 24.02.14, Carina Press)

“Two decades ago, assassin Katherine Zhang faked her death to escape the Keepers, a secret council of witches who use magic to kill those who pose a threat to their kind. Once a powerful Keeper, she lives a solitary—but peaceful—life as a tattoo artist. Until a strange, handsome lone wolf named Marcus Delgado walks into her shop.

Marcus has his own reasons to hate the Keepers. A scientist who sacrificed himself to test the fragile boundaries between witch and wolf, he believes there’s a way to harness the combustible power between the two species. If he succeeds, he’ll be protected from the Keepers, but he needs a willing partner—and the delicious Katie just might be the perfect test subject.

Katie knows working with a wolf, an adversary she’s undeniably attracted to, is a dangerous proposition…no matter how tempting she finds Marcus’s proposal. But when a common enemy from their past threatens them both, working together might be the only option.”

*exhales* Ok, let me just say before we start that I was ‘this close’ to batting this book about the ears, for reasons that will be explored later. So close… But thankfully *big sigh* it redeemed itself massively.

Let’s kick it off. What did I love about this book?

  • POV – I can’t believe I’m saying this (‘someone’ will make me eat earlier comments I might have made about hating dual POV books) but I really enjoyed the dual POV in this book. We see Katie’s side, and then Marcus. I think because of the complicated dynamic in their relationship it was really important to see it through both sets of eyes.
  • Marcus – This fella is a strange character at first. But I understood his motives, even when his actions were… um… strange? He’s a big bad ball of wolf hotness; I felt that he was the more rounded character of the pair.
  • Sex – You’ll se this feature twice. But generally, the sex was HAWT! I always admire good sex writing. If you can make a couple copulate without making me cringe or MEGALOLZ then you, my friend, have exceeded all my expectations.
  • Plot – Shaky at first. I wasn’t sure that the plot was strong enough to carry the characters along, but it picked up the pace in the second half of the book for sure.
  • Balls – This book has balls. I’m going to talk about SEX (did I get your attention?) in a separate section as it had both a positive and negative effect on my overall reaction to the read. But I admire the author for taking a stance with a character, and sticking with it.

And what didn’t work for me?

  • Katie – I really liked her by the end, but she wasn’t as consistent as Marcus. I felt like she should have been a strong, confident female, especially considering her past. But there were times when she was was just plain weak. And I wanted to slap some sense into her, like ‘seriously sweetheart, you’re an assassin badass. Stop whimpering, start whomping.’
  • Sex – Sex, sex, sex. I was at 30% and I found myself losing my patience because this pair were being turned in by something in every other sentence. If I had a pound for every hard-on Marcus got in the beginning chapters… (More on SEX later)
  • Age – I’m still not sure I understand how this works… They’re on a ‘second pass through’? I think? Which makes them.. old but young? Also, for beings that have been alive for decades, wouldn’t they have made more progress in, well, every department, by now?

The Sex

Ok. MINOR SPOILER ALERT. Read no further if you want EVERYTHING to be a surprise.

Speaking of ‘surprise’ – Just because you call it a ‘surprise’ doesn’t mean it’s not rape. For the record, there is no non-consensual sex in this book, but there were moments where I was really uncomfortable with the motivations for doing it.

Katie is a badass convex alpha. He’s a witch turned wolf. He wants to experiment with Katie to see if they can reverse the change, and to let her see that her inner wolf was still there.

Yes. I get this. But I was made a little nauseous by the kink that went down during these ‘agreed’ experiments. It’s almost a Stockholm Syndrome situation we have here. That’s fine. And Katie finds herself turned on by the light S&M that Marcus subjects her to. That’s fine too. We all have strange fetishes.

What was wrong, for me, was the circumstances in the beginning. Katie is letting herself be dominated by this raging wolf of a man and allowing him to hurt her, while she’s handcuffed. Nope. Not comfortable.

I’ve mulled this over for a while now. And I think it’s partly because it was never, ever, reversed. She let him do this to her, and despite the fact that (thankfully!) the creepy scientific kink was replaced with love and (sexy) security by the end… we never see Katie take command of him. 

Let me be blunt (children, look away now) – He goes down on her. I wanted her to go down on him. While HE was handcuffed. Forget the alpha ‘make me do it’ crap. that’s not sexual power. She could have made him whimper and squirm and beg.

Enough. I’m not sure I’ll ever fully explain my hang-ups I had about the naughty time in this book. All my slight grumbles aside, I really REALLY enjoyed the read. Katie and Marcus work their way towards something much more healthy and reciprocal which made me very happy, and when I finished it, man, was I sad!

I’m currently updating my rating system, so for now I’m replicating the scores I give on Goodreads. So, without further ado, I give Witch Interrupted a solid 4/5. I enjoyed following how Marcus and Katie’s relationship developed, and also how the larger plot unfolded. A great read! Don’t be put off by my sex talk! Heh.




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