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Top Ten Tuesday – Characters That Can Keep Their Own Shoes


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Top Ten Characters I’d NEVER Want To Trade Places With

1. Catherine Earnshaw – She might be my all time favourite character that I love to hate. But I have enough trouble with my own mediocre emotional upheavals. One like Cathy’s might just finish me off. Heck, it killed her! I’m not letting her in my window…


2. Gatsby – So I’d need a sex change.. But for me, he captures the terms ‘hopeless romantic’ and ‘tortured soul’.. Ok, he might also be considered as ‘obsessive’ and ‘one creepy stalker guy’, but I couldn’t suffer that amount of needy love for someone that it would make me want to transform myself in such a dramatic way. The house is pretty fly. And the wicked parties. I’ll take those.


3. Tyrion Lannister – From Game of Thrones. This guy can NEVER catch a break! (Don’t ruin anything for me here, I haven’t read all the books!!!)


4. Mrs Bennet – Pride and Prejudice – Because man alive! That marriage business is hard work! And such a headache too. I do pity her ‘nerves’. Heh heh.


5. Adrian Ivashkov – Vampire Academy/Bloodlines – Dude. I wouldn’t cope with the mess his mind can be in sometimes. All that spirit… *exhales* No thank you! However…


6. Bella – Twilight – Because MY GOSH SHE’S ANNOYING!


7. Stanley Yelnats – Holes – Simply put? I hate digging.


Offred – The Handmaid’s Tale – Do I need to elaborate there? Cripes! What a nightmare!


9. Ron Weasley – Poor Ron. He’s another one that never seems to catch a break.


10. Bitterblue – Regardless of how the story turns out for her, I would hate living in the shadow of Katsa’s awesomeness. And being treated like a child for how long?













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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters That Can Keep Their Own Shoes

  1. Great list! Poor Ron never can catch a break, right? 😦 And I didn’t even think about Stanley Yelnats, but you’re so right!
    But when it comes to Pride and prejudice, what about Mr. Bennett? I don’t exactly want to trade places with him either…

    1. Maybe not. But at least Mr Bennet has the advantage of being a man. Women in Austen’s time were far too restricted for my liking. :/

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