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Top Ten Tuesday – Authorial Power!!!


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Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

1. I was talking about this with basicallybookish recently. I would love for J K Rowling to write a spin-off for Harry Potter following the death eaters during Voldemort’s rise to power. Give me Lucius Malfoy. GIVE HIM TO ME!

2. Richelle Mead, this is a personal plea, from me to you. You need to make the wedding of Rose and Dimitri happen. Like now. My love for Vampire Academy has never faded. I can’t sustain my Mr and Mrs Belikov hunger with lemony fanfiction forever!

3. J R Ward to continue writing about Wrath. He’s my main guy. Forget the others. It’s all about The King! (Roll on April!)

4. Maria V. Snyder – Another Study Series spin-off please and thank you.

5. I need more Lestat in my life. Or Armand. I’d like Anne Rice to pick them up again.

6. Philippa Gregory – To write an original character series again. Like Wideacre, because that series was badass!

7. Kristan Cashore, more Graceling Realm please?

8. I would love to see Dorie with her own story. Adventure, romance, the paranormal… Ironskin, Copperhead, by Tina Connolly

9. Great Expectations, I need a better ending (better than the alternative). Any takers on giving that one a go? Come one, it’ll be our secret, Dickens won’t know..

10. Keri Arthur’s Circle of Fire ended.. It just ENDED! It was one of those stories where it felt unfinished, you know?


My wishes are pretty simple… Mostly for my favourite authors to write more stuff! Heh heh.

What about you?



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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Authorial Power!!!

  1. Oh, that death eater spin-off is a GREAT idea, could we make that happen? More Malfoys please. 🙂
    And it’s not really a spin-off, but if I remember correctly, according to goodreads there will be 3 more books in the Study series with the first one out this year so that’s something, right? When I finish the Healer trilogy, I need to get on this series. They have such pretty covers too!

  2. I’ve had a bit of luck recently persuading people to write stuff, so maybe there’s something in the air and you should approach all of the authors with your requests/demands. As a loyal reader, they owe you! Plus I’m sure all of your ideas would make them plenty of money too.
    However I don’t think you’ll have any luck on number 9, it’d be a brave author who’d tackle adding to Dickens!

    1. I think there are enough crazy additions to classics that my request seems perfectly reasonable!

      The latest one I saw was a dodgy re-writing of The Great Gatsby..

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