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William Shakespeare – The Winter’s Tale


The Winter’s Tale, by William Shakespeare. First performed/written circa 1611.

I’m a hardcore Shakespeare fan (tattoo designs are in the works..)

But I did NOT enjoy The Winter’s Tale as much as I thought I would. And you’d think it was the right time of year for it too!

This was the last text on the current module I’m studying, ‘Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama’, and so I had no pressure to use it in an essay having already used the earlier texts. I could just read it and enjoy it. But there is something so ‘un’ Shakespeare about this play for me, and at first I thought maybe it was that his style had changed too dramatically in his later plays. However, I love the pants off of The Tempest, so that wasn’t it.

I found the character names confusing and hard to pronounce/remember, but much was the case for Titus Andronicus, and again, I loved the pants off that one!

Trying to narrow it down is like trying to piss in the wind; it keeps flying back in my face. But here is what I came up with:

  • Strange mixture of theme/genre – What IS The Winter’s Tale? It seems to take a bit of everything and hope for the best. Tragedy, comedy, history, satire. Who cares? Through it all in there!
  • Characters – Never forgetting that they were all played by dudes, I found the female characters flat. And we know Wills can portray his ladies well when he wants to.
  • Motivation? – Characters get angry, and irrational. Like a Renaissance Incredible Hulk. Leontes has issues.
  •  Convenient death – I can’t actually remember if anyone is killed in an untoward manner… But I do remember that people die of nothing. Literally, nothing. ‘Bleh! I’m dead. Now mourn my loss!’

I fully intend to see this performed in the near future, and I hope it will illuminate what I missed while reading.

The best part of it though? Exit, pursued by a bear!

I’m not giving this a rating as I normally would, but instead I’m giving it a solid thumbs up. Because heck, it’s the bard. And I lubbs him!



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9 thoughts on “William Shakespeare – The Winter’s Tale

    1. Oh gee! The Tempest is my all time favourite of his plays. I love Caliban. And Trinculo. Brilliant stuff.

      Thanks for dropping in! 😀

  1. It was awesome, best part of our London school trip! Still have the ticket, signed by one of the actors, taped to my wall too!
    It totally counts as my one and only ‘celebrity autograph’. 🙂

    1. Oh! I’m not sure. I don’t think so. I think (and we all know ‘thinking’ is a dangerous pastime) it’s based on another book of the same name.. I think.. Maybe? Lols.

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