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Meet Caesura – a poetry magazine making all the right moves


Phew! That was a long post title! Sorry about that.

“Caesura is an electronic literary journal publishing poetry and reviews of poetry by new and emerging writers. Our mission is to showcase fresh and original poetic works in English, providing a platform for talents whose voices have been undiscovered or unheard.”

I haven’t really mentioned it much here, but I do love me some poetry. And I like to think that I’m not too bad at writing it either. After having some small successes in getting poems published, I was feeling drained. I was more than grateful that some publications chose to use my work, it was often a disheartening process.

Why? I was shocked at the degree of unprofessionalism out there. You submit your work, all shiny with a covering letter and everything, and you receive a rejection letter with either no name in the blank, or the wrong name! THAT annoyed me.

And I’m still waiting for my PAID feedback from Writer’s Forum magazine. Thanks guys. (I submitted almost six months ago)

To cut a long story short, I’ve had some bad experiences.

Then along comes Caesura. What a breath of fresh air! An editorial team with the right attitude and oodles of passion.

 “Caesura refers to a break or a pause in poetry. In ancient poetry, this was a break between words in the middle of metric foot. In modern poetry, it refers to a pause near the middle of a line. On its own, a caesura is nothing. It may be difficult for the casual observer to articulate precisely what has occurred in the line. However, the effect is noticed and in fact becomes the focal point upon closer observation.

We are of the opinion that there’s little art left in words themselves. A caesura is a prime example of an elegant poetic device that is underappreciated in contemporary poetry. We are also of the opinion that many good poets are underappreciated in the world of publishing, and that is why one of our primary goals at Caesura is to publish new and emerging writers.”

I’m down with that.

I was so down with it that the editors, Andrew and Bayleigh Fraser, offered me a place on the team! I am proudly a ‘supporting editor’, and it’s been a great experience so far.

This isn’t some publicity stunt, when I started writing this article I was just a fan of Caesura’s mission statement. It just goes to show how quickly karma can jump into your ball court.. or something like that.. how does that saying go?

Seriously though, if you’re a poet and you’ve had similar experiences as me, or if you feel like you’re ready for the world to see your poems and you don’t know who’s door to knock on first? Then Caesura is the perfect place to start. Currently in ePub format, but it’s working towards getting in paper print, and it pays its successful contributors. That’s right, I said PAYS it’s contributors. Monies, cash, skrilla, dough. Into your paypal pocket!


Caesura is now accepting submissions for their second issue, released in the spring.

Visit the site and have a look around!




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7 thoughts on “Meet Caesura – a poetry magazine making all the right moves

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Sarah! I’ve been looking for another place to submit.

    Also, to respond to your less-than-stellar submission experience, it is disheartening, but it’s part of being a writer. I can’t tell you how many form rejections I’ve gotten, but they have only served to make me more determined. Also, some of the larger mags (Rattle is one of my personal favs) have so many submissions that they must send out form letters. But, if you follow them on Facebook, you see the personality of the editors shine through and, on some occasions, editors will even respond to comments you make on their statuses (statusi?). Anyhoo, all this to say keep submitting 🙂

    1. Thanks! And double thanks for stopping by! Caesura have been working really hard to deliver the right package for readers and potential contributors and they’re nice hoomanz too.


      Be cool (lol, I accidentally hit the caps lock there.. ‘BE COOL’ sounds threatening if you shout it at visitors..)

  2. Congratulations on joining the Caesura team! They have some admirable goals, and it must be cool to be a part of that. I’ve checked out the first issue too, and it’s boss!
    I’ve heard on the grapevine you’re a dab hand with a quill yourself, have you ever thought about sharing any of your poetry on here?

    1. Thank you very much! It’s really exciting to be a part of it.

      As for poetry, at the moment I’m choosing not to share my scribbles on the blog. I’ve got some odds and ends dispersed throughout later posts, but only when it’s relevent to what I’m chatting about.

      I want to focus on boosting other’s literature rather than my own 🙂


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