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Book Bingo

I am totally digging this!

Anyone else wanna play? It’s about time I put that bingo pen I bought to use.




YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

5 thoughts on “Book Bingo

  1. For £1 million, what would you do if the “book your friend loves” turned out to be 50 shades of yawn?

    A. Pretend to read it to complete the challenge.
    B. Actually read the thing.
    C. Dump them as a friend.

    You still have your lifelines left, although obviously not the ‘phone a friend’ one!

    1. D. Find a different friend.

      Sure, I’m a dweeb, but this dweeb has more than one friend! ..I’ve got at least two.

      Lololol. You funneh.

  2. I meant to include that as option D, honestly!

    I think I’ve only just managed to complete Book Bingo in my life so far, it’d take me ages to do it again starting from scratch.

    Suggestion for an extra square: “become employed by Waterstones” – any luck on that front yet?

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