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Review: Repossessed by Shawntelle Madison


Repossessed by Shawntelle Madison. Due for release January 20th 2014

*Received with many many thanks as an ARC from the publisher. Click pic for Goodreads page.

“Supernatural matchmaker Tessa Dandridge knows a little mist here and a little magic there will help reckless werewolves and precocious pixies find love. That is, until her magical Smythe scroll is lost in her repo’ed car and she can’t contact her V.I.P. clients. To connect with an important client cavorting in the fifth dimension, Tessa must depend on handsome Rob Shin, a warlock repo man, to enter Limbo and find her Smythe scroll.”

I was a worried that I would lose the plot going into this. I believe it’s a new series but written in the same universe as previous books? So I was scared of totally losing who, what, where.

Big sigh of relief! If you have the same reservations as me, push them away, you need to know nothing!

I loved it. Let’s just make that clear before I start breaking it down. I LOVED IT!

What turned me on to this book?

  • Premise – Well! A supernatural matchmaker eh? That’s different! And I like different!
  • Tessa – I immediately hit it off with Tessa. She was a bit of a hot mess at times, but that made her all the more compelling.
  • Rob Shin – (after one solitary childish chuckle at ‘Shin’) He made me go all Johnny Bravo ‘Ohhh Momma’. A temporary warlock repo man, this is the paranormal heartthrob I’ve been searching for. He’s hawt. ‘Nuff said.
  • Story – Sometimes I get frustrated that the romance covers up a poor plot. Or vice versa. But here there is the perfect balance of everything.
  • The sexy time – Mmmmmm. There were plenty of small spaces for these two to get caught up in (a hazard of the ‘repo’ job, as it turns out) and Rob knew exactly what to do… To get the job done. *waggles eyebrows*
  • The ending – Left me ready for more. So I’m totally down for subsequent stories in this series.

But what turned me off?

  • The ending – I knew it was coming. As soon as a certain character appears in a white military uniform? Cue cringe worthy film reference. It did make me laugh though. And that’s never a bad thing. 🙂
  • Tessa’s job – She’s a matchmaker. She puts together parties for wealthy warlocks, or wizards, or werewolves (lots of ‘w’ dudes) to meet throngs of hopeful women. That’s what I didn’t understand, why is it only guys that she sets up dates for? And what kind of woman willingly turns up with a dozen others in hopes of snaring this ONE bloke. Hmm. I hope we see Tessa branching out to setting up rich witchy widows or something.
  • ‘Necked’ – Don’t ever say this word. Ever. Kissed. Made-out. Snogged. But never ‘necking’. Ick.

Loved this. I really did. I’m on a mission now to check out Shawntelle’s other books. YEEHAW! I get excited when I find an urban fantasy series that gets me all a-quiver.

An incredibly high 2:1 for this book. I’m in book-love with it!



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4 thoughts on “Review: Repossessed by Shawntelle Madison

  1. I’ve never even heard of this one before, but that synopsis sounds both weird and kind of amazing. *puts it on reading list, like it’s not long enough already…*
    Is the ending some kind of an Officer and gentlemen reference? Or am I getting my movies mixed up?

    1. Heh heh. Yeah, it’s something like that. I didn’t want to say the movie title in case it put people off, because people so shouldn’t be put off by anything in this book.

      I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear what you think when you get to it 🙂

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