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Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Thank you so much to Kate Loveton for nominating my lil ol’ blog for this award! It really does mean a lot. And I hope y’all will clicky and check out her blog too –>

And I think it’s now customary to state seven facts about myself (uh, I’m not sure I have seven facts.. I’m not that interesting..)

1. I tend to have strange ‘on screen’ crushes. These include: David Attenborough. David Suchet (as Hercule Poirot). That guy from the Southern Comfort ad (where he walks up the beach half naked). Michael Fassbender (not so weird, but Mr Rochester isn’t everyone’s cup of tea). Simba (yes, the lion… don’t judge).

2. My one and only attempt at Open Mic poetry went down after two quick glasses of wine, in a cold room, with my mum and two of my lecturers in the audience.. I think it went ok. But I was feeling the buzz of pressed grapes for sure.

3. Is a magic number. And is also the number of times that I have sprained my ankle. Horse riding and jumping of haystacks will do that for you.

4. I’m a Call of Duty addict. And an angry rage-quit gamer to boot. There is a reason I don’t turn my mic on.. and that’s because I will tell you you’re a n00b in not so nice words.

5. If I could live anywhere in the world, without having to worry about the rent or whatever, I’d jump ship to Italy in a heartbeat. Venice would be my city of choice, but I’m in love with much of Tuscany too.

6. I have two novels that beg to be finished… But they’ll have to wait patiently for me to finish my degree before I tackle them.

7. When asked how old I am, I will never be able to tell you. Without fail I will stare at you like an idiot for a long time before saying ‘umm, 26? 24. No! 25. It’s definitely 25. I think.’

Aaaaand here’s where I nominate some other Fabulous blogs ‘ere. Please do check them out (not sure if they’ve already been nominated for this award, but adding a ‘x2’ by the picture can’t be a bad thing!)

Yay for a squeezy pleazy community. I love you all! Happy New Year!



I moustache you a question...
I moustache you a question…




YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

9 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Congrats on your award nomination, very well deserved!

    BTW, I am with you on the weird crush of the David’s in #1…..Don’t tell anyone though…. πŸ˜†

    Heather xxx

    1. I think they’re pass along things between members. It gives you a chance to showcase the blogs yo follow ans enjoy πŸ™‚

      1. Yes πŸ™‚

        Make a post like mine and pass the award forward to 7 others and say 7 things about yourself.

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