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Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead



That is what I urge with this book.

I think I approached it wrong. I thought ‘a new Richelle Mead series? For adults? Let’s do this!’ And then I expected it to be like the Georgina Kincaid or Dark Swan series…


The writing style is the same (phew!) but the approach is different. It’s still got that supernatural vibe that we all love Mead for achieving, right? But it’s dystopian, or post-apocalyptic; whichever perspective you wish to take there. And I’d say it would nestle happily into the SF genre.

That said, I did have some trouble with it being strictly ‘adult’. It was like Rose Hathaway met Eugenie Markham and made a Mae Koskinen… Who wasn’t sure sex was hawt or not.

I’m still new to the term ‘New Adult Fiction’, but this is what I felt this was. And that’s not a bad thing! Perhaps we a too OCD about everything these days and in an effort to pigeon hole everything, our brains feel better for saying ‘this is definitely YA/NA/PRN etc.’

I’m waffling, but do check out an upcoming post of mine about my introduction into ‘NA’.

Regardless of where I would shelve this if I worked in Waterstones (hire me!) I was really glad I persevered with this book. It’s a slow-burner, but the ending is a whopper and I will definitely be eagerly awaiting the follow-up.

So. What turned me off this book?

  1. Initially difficult to break into. It’s a ‘brave new world’ (said Miranda a la The Tempest) and that can be intimidating for a sometime lazy reader like moi.
  2. Shifting perspectives – I was down with Mae. She’s a badass. I like Justin… and then it switched to Tessa. Gah! Too many!
  3. Tessa – She feels like a potential spin-off character. A Sydney Sage doppelganger.
  4. To sex? Or not to sex? – Nothing beats the opening of Storm Born for starting as you mean to go on. And I felt like this book had the same, sizzling potential. But it kinda fizzled instead of sizzled. Where was the POP?

And… what turned me onto this book?

  1. Magnus and Horatio – I defy anyone not to fall in love with this pair by the end. LOVE!
  2. It’s almost possible.. – It’s scarily easy to imagine our world heading this way. I thought the handling of religion and the displacement of races/provinces was brilliantly done.
  3. Mae – She’s a badass. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Geriaki – Tee hee.
  5. The ending – POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!

The pros ended up outweighing the cons and I was both engaged by it and compelled to keep reading. I didn’t mention Porfirio because I’m still not sure how I feel about him- as a character I think he’s pointless. He annoyed me, first because of his perfection, and then because of his 360 degree turnaround. I had my WTF? face on when Mae suddenly remembers something he did.. like you would have forgotten that while mooning over your memories earlier?

Nuh uh.

Officially ignoring Porfirio…

And I’m giving this a healthy 2:1

and two thumbs up 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead

  1. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about New Adult books but to be honest I’m not entirely sure what they are! I’m not sure how I missed the creation of an all new genre but apparently I did!

    1. Yeah, me too it seems!

      My understanding of it (which is limited and based on nothing..) is that it’s like YA but with more naughty bits.


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