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Ink for life

So I checked out today’s daily prompt and yay! Tattoos!

I love tattoos. But I do think it is important to get one for the right reasons, and also to seriously consider what it is you want to be permanently drawn on your body.

I have four tattoos.. but one is a cover up. I learnt my lesson about rash decisions and hindsight. Whilst in the army I got a quick tattoo to symbolise my time there.. but in the end it has only served as a reminder of the stress and mental instability I experienced.

So what to do? Get it replaced with an octopus of course!

Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
cover up!
cover up!
My concentration face..
Me.. trying not to pass out as he edges closer to the shoulder blade…

Anyone who says it doesn’t hurt is lying. It hurts. Regardless of where you get tattooed. There are certain places that hurt less than others, like my forearm piece wasn’t half as painful as the octopus on my back. OUCH!

I also have a bluebird at the base of my back, and the letter ‘K’ on my ankle for my best friend and her daughter (my goddaughter).

Some advice taken from personal experience when getting inked:

  1. Eat breakfast! Some designs can take hours and if you don’t eat, it makes the pain much more harder to stomach. Not to mention when the adrenaline wears off, you’re exhausted! FOOD GOOD!
  2. Don’t move. Sounds stupid, but I’ve watched people do it… shuffle, jump, twitch, wriggle, squirm… just don’t do it. It might piss off your tattooist, and it also might fuck up the finished product.
  3. Bepanthan. Buy this beforehand and be ready to slather it on! Each establishment has their own after care guidelines.. but for me, bepanthan never fails.
  4. Wear something appropriate- I wore leggings as an after thought because it looked like it might rain… and then I was asked to straddle a chair. Imagine if the weather had held! Also, don’t wear anything indispensable to bed on the first couple of nights, any residual ink might stain the material, even if you have the area wrapped or covered (same goes for the bed linen)
  5. Be sure the design is right- again, sounds stupid, but don’t be afraid to say ‘that’s not quite how I want it’. Sure, it might be a ball breaker for the tattooist to have edit it or even redraw something… but it is going on your body PERMENANTLY!
  6. Finally… be ready to itch like a bitch, but don’t pick it! I find that when the itching gets too much to ignore then gently slapping it takes the edge off.

(The octopus and Poe were done at Full Moon Tattoo, Plymouth. Thanks Wolfie! Mwah! x)



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