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The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

fiery heart


<insert crazy fan girl scream here>

This book has made reading the others so worth it. I’ve not bee completely on board with the Bloodlines saga, partly because it has taken me a long while to properly connect with Sydney.

Maybe Richelle rocognised this too because she hits the perfect balance of Sage and Ivashkov POV in this book and for the first time I actually felt for Sydney and connected with her. Especially the grit and determination at the end! Hell yeah girl!

I love Richelle Mead, I will buy and read anything she writes. But that doesn’t mean she is without fault. You gotta have balance in these reviews, right? Even if you’re practically creasing yourself to know when the next one is out. There is something slightly clumsy about the Bloodlines books as a whole and I think The Fiery Heart is no exception. The characterisation needs a continuity check, especially for Sage. She shifts her morals too easily, I feel, and sometimes it is as though you are reading a completely different character, the change coming too fast.

That said, I did enjoy this book. A lot. It was a proper page turner, the kinds of which I haven’t experienced since reading Lover At Last by J R Ward, earlier this year.

I gotta give this a solid 2:1, for it’s originality (don’t argue with me on this one, we don’t need a Covenant argument or something right now, it’s nearly Christmas) and the way it made me laugh and smile and keep reading, reading, reading.

Can’t wait to see where this goes! If Rose and Dimitri are a model to follow, it’ll turn out good in the end… right? Right? 😥




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