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Valpone by Ben Jonson


Oh gee. I think I attacked this play with the wrong attitude; ‘oh cool, it’ll be like Shakespeare, right?’ Wow. I really hope my lecturer doesn’t read this and see what an imbecile I am.

Valpone is set in Venice. Score one! I love Venice! See?

Volpone has some terrible (but funny) character names. Score two! I’m terrible with names, but being called ‘Politic Would-be’ is harder to forget.

Volpone was, for the most part, difficult for me to follow. I got the names down. But the plot left my head in a spin. I had to resort to *cough* Wikipedia *cough* and even worse… Sparknotes!

I would never wish bad health on anyone, least of all myself, but I was actually relieved when on the morning of the Volpone lecture I work up with a raging temperature. Darn. But at least I had a legit reason to stick my fingers in my ears and pretend that I couldn’t hear the disappointment travelling all the way from campus to my bedroom.

It’s Mosca’s fault. When you think he can’t possibly scheme any more.. he finds a new pie to stick his finger in.

Perhaps I just completely missed the point, but I just didn’t get it. As a whole.

Perhaps I’m just dumb. *shrugs*

To be sure I won’t be choosing the coursework option that looks at the possible rivalry between Jonson and Shakespeare.. I think I’ll just stick to Wills with a little bit of Marlowe for reference.

I can’t really give this text a rating as detailed by my system. But I will say that this is readable (and watchable, thanks youtube) and I can see why it is given so much merit.

It’s just not for me.




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