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Five on Friday – Classics

Yeah, yeah, let’s not open up that can of worms: ‘what makes a classic?’

For these purposes, I’m working with ‘longevity’ and ‘resonance’.

This is a short list of books, written at least a century ago, that I love. (Also, it’ll probably look like I’m some Barnes and Noble rep.. but I just love their gothic looking leather bound collection!)

jane eyreJane Eyre – My first experience with ‘classic’ literature. My Nan read some of it to me before watching a film adaptation. I grew up with Jane.. enjoying different parts of her story at different ages.

draculaThis was because of my mum. She put the story on such a pedestal that I was both excited and nervous about reading it. I didn’t quite ‘get’ it so much as an early teen, but re-reading it again almost a decade later and I got so much more out of it. Pssh, Edward who?

imagesCATAJTHEMy middle teens was dominated by Ann Rice books, but I do remember reading this in between. I think this book shaped and defined a big part of my creative self. I don’t own a copy anymore… Sad times… Dear Santa…

wuthering heightsYou knew this would be here, right? I don’t think I truly appreciated this book until I used it in my studies earlier this year. It is not a romance book. But it IS a love story.

little womenI think (I could be wrong) this was my first ‘adult’ book. In that I jumped straight from books like The Saddle Club and into this. I wanted to be Jo. I’m still working on that…



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